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Explore Northern Laos Tours: Lung Prabang-Phonsavanh-Sam Neua-Viengxay Caves-Nongkhiau-Luang Prabang

Explore Northern Laos Tours: Lung Prabang-Phonsavanh-Sam Neua-Viengxay Caves-Nongkhiau-Luang Prabang

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Tour Plan


Day 1

Arrive in Luang Prabang-City Tours Welcome to Luang prabang. Upon arrival, Meet your guide transfer to your hotel. After lunch, Visit National museum, we visit the impressive stupa of Wat Visoun and the shrine of Wat AhamWat Mai; visit Wat Xieng Thong, we then climb up to the top of Phousi Mount for an enjoyable exploration of the sacred, gilded stupa as well as a beautiful sunset view of the city and the Mekong River. From there, we explore Street Night Market, where you can find the lovely collection and handmade textile by local and hill tribe people surrounding Luang Prabang. Return to hotel around 1800pm. Overnight in Luang Prabang.

Day 2

Luang Pranbang-Phonsavanh Around 0800am, Meet your guider and we are driving about 7hours to Phonsavanh, which was devastated by American bombing between 1964 and 1973. Upon arrival, Visit Mulberry Organic Farm to see local nice silks. Visit MAG Office, where displayed about bombing film during the Indochina War. Return to hotel around 1700pm. Overnight in Phonsavanh. Accommodation: Hotel in Phonsavanh.

Day 3

Phosnavanh-Plain of Jars-Muang Khoun Around 0830am, Meet your guide and Visit Phonsavah market to see local lives before we drive out to visit the Plain of Jars, an impressive archaeological site 1 where hundreds of large stone jars are littered all over the plateau, also visit site 2 & site 3, both similar to site 1 but smaller than site 1. Afternoon, We continue visit the old capital of Muang Khoun Province and the nearby villages, home to the Hmong hill tribe and Tai Dam people. They have an interesting local culture and a colorful history. Some stupa, former French building, temples bombed by US Army during the Indochina war still be seen there. Return to hotel around 1600pm. Overnight in Phonsavanh. Accommodation: Hotel in Phonsavanh

Day 4

Phonsavanh-Muang Kham-Sam Neua Around 0830am, Meet your guide and continue to Sam Neua about 7hour drive through Muang Kham about. En route, Visit Hot Spring Water or Tham Piew in Muang Kham. Along the way, You can see some Hmong, Lao Terng or Kamu living both side of the road. You can stop and exploring, Just consult with your guide. Arrive in Sam Neua, Check in at your hotel. Accommodation: Hotel in Sam Neua.

Day 5

Sam Neua-Viengxay Caves-Sam Neua Around 090am, Meet your driver and Visit Nam Sam Market to see local lies and daily trade. We then drive out of town about an hour to visit Vieng xay caves where all Lao Top Leaders lives there as their main office during the Indochina War. In its attempt to stop the communists in Northern Vietnam and Laos gaining ground, the US dropped more bombs on Laos between 1964-73 than has happened anywhere else on earth. At the beginning of the onslaught just over 50 years ago, Kaysone Phomvihane, head of the Laos communist movement, led his politburo to shelter in what became known as the ‘City of Victory’, hidden in craggy mountains near the Vietnam border. Today, it is hard to imagine sleepy Viengxay, with its lakes, ladies who lunch and manicured floral borders, under constant bombardment. But in these limestone caves the Pathet Lao established bedrooms, offices, a theatre, elephant enclosure, bakery, hospitals, a printing press and a bank. They lived, worked, survived, and attended Friday movie nights for 10 years while the Americans (in alliance with the Royal Lao government) conducted its clandestine bombing campaign. The caves are now a museum and the town’s remoteness, More than 20,000 people lived there while two million tonnes of bombs were dropped on Laos, while ducking into a strong room fitted with a Russian-made oxygen machine. The statistics are blinding, but the museum gives a sense of the individual human experience. An original thermos and teacups used in politburo meetings sit on a tray, books on Lenin are displayed and, bizarrely, the imprint of a tennis court – built post the 1973 ceasefire – remains on the ground next to the home of royal-prince-turned-communist Prince Souphanouvong, aka the Red Prince. In 1969, a bomb shattered right in front of the Red Prince’s cave. The prince turned the crater into a heart-shaped pond. This represents the 90 per cent of Lao who love their country and the 10 per cent who were traitors. a reminder that this was a country divided into three camps – the Pathet Lao aided by the Vietnam communists, the Royal Lao government supported by the US and the CIA, and the neutralists. When the Pathet Lao took the road less travelled up to Viengxay in 1964, elephants, tiger and deer roamed the mountains. Today, the wildlife of Laos is threatened by trafficking but an award-winning community project is providing hope to a significant population of endangered Indochinese tigers, and to the poachers-turned-protectors of the area. After exploring Viengxay caves, Return to town. Overnight in Sam Neua. Accommodation: Hotel in Sam Neua.

Day 6

Sam Neua-Nongkhiau Around 0830am, Meet your guide and Visa Nam Sam Market to see local lives. After return to junction Nam Nern and Continue to Nongkhiau about 7hour driver along mountainous landscape. You can stop along the way, Just consult with your guide. Upon arrival in Nongkhiau, check in at your bungalow. Accommodation: Bungalow in Nongkhiau.

Day 7

Nong Khiau-Muang Ngoy-Nong Khiau Around 01830am, Meet your guide and  We begin a boat trip up along Ou River about 1hour & half to Muang Ngoi and we then continue a boat trip upstream along Ou river about 40minutes to Sopcheang Village, where Lao Loum, Lao Terng and Kamu live there. Along the way, you can see stunning view of the landscape and its beautiful nature. Arrive the village, walking around to see local live. After that return to Muang Ngoy, Walking around the small town to see local lives and its beautiful landscape, relax, take nice photos. Late afternoon, Cruise down along Ou river back to Nong Khiau. Overnight in Nong Khiau Accommodation: Bungalow in Nongkhiau.

Day 8

Nong Khiau-Ou Cave-Luang Prabang Around 0830am meet tour guide and you can hiking up about 1 hour & half to Nong Khiau Phadeang View Point. You can see the whole view of the town and its beautiful nature and nice landscape. After that we return to Luang Prabang about 3 hour drive. Arrive Ou village, take a boat cross Khong river visit to the mysterious of Pak Ou Caves, crammed with thousands of gold lacquered Buddha statues of various shapes and sizes. Then we continue cruise down to Luang Prabang. Along the way, we stop at the village of Ban Xanghai, where they make the distillation of local rice wine. On return, we take a short drive to Ban Xang Khong, well known for its hand weaving. Arrive hotel around 1600-1700pm. Overnight in Luang Prabang. Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang.

Day 9

Luang Prabang-Kuang Sii Fall Today around 1000am, Meet your guide and We then drive out of town 30km to the beautiful Kuang Sii Fall, where you can relax, Take nice photos, swim, also visit Bear Sanctuary Center. After then return to town. The rest of the day is free and relax at your leisurely. Overnight in Luang Prabang. Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang.

Day 10

Luang Prabang-Depart Today, You are free and relax at your leisurely before Transfer you to Luang Prabang Airport for your departure flight to your next destination.

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