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Explore Northern Laos Tours-Luang Prabang-Nongkhiau-Namkat yorlapa- Phongsaly-Luang Namtha-Muangsing-Houay Xai-Pak Beng-Luang Prabang

Explore Northern Laos Tours-Luang Prabang-Nongkhiau-Namkat yorlapa- Phongsaly-Luang Namtha-Muangsing-Houay Xai-Pak Beng-Luang Prabang

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This is the best tour programs in northern Laos we combine world heritage city tour with the river cruise to Muang Ngoy in Nongkhaui. A new experience is in Oudomxay Namkatyorlapa and trek is ideal for the people want to experience a typical tropical forest and visit some unique villages in Phongsaly and Luang Namtha provinces . You will feel the unique and fresh atmosphere of a real jungle and real life style of hill tribes people. the river cruise is the best way of seeing life style local people who live along the river bank.

Tour Plan


Day 1

Arrive in Luang Prabang Welcome to Luang prabang. Upon arrival, Meet your guide transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free and relax at your leisurely. Overnight in Luang Prabang. Meals included: Lunch

Day 2

Luang Prabang-City Tours-Kuang Sii Fall (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, Meet your guide and visit National museum, former royal palace, Visit Wat Mai, we visit the impressive stupa of Wat Visoun and the shrine of Wat Aham; visit Wat Xieng Thong, One of the most charming temples in Laos, Also visit Wat Sene, one of the oldest temple in Luang Prabang. Afternoon, Visit Big Brother Mouse, where you can buy some books and donate for poor children in remote area. We then visit Wat That Luang, This temple and its garden are surely the most beautiful in Luang Prabang. It is the centre for numerous festivities in honor of Buddha, where the villagers of Ban Wat That meet frequently along with the villagers of Ban Ho Xieng (whose temple is near the Wat That). It is one of the most sacred temples in Luang Prabang, where venerable monks from numerous temples meet during Pimay (New Year in Laos). After that we drive out of town We drive out of town 30mkm to the beautiful Kuang Sii Fall, where you can swim, relax, soft hiking to the top of the fall. On return short stop at Black Hmong Village, where hill tribe hand-made handicraft as souvenirs for visitors pass by. Arrive in the town, Transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Luang Prabang.

Day 3

 Luang Prabang – Nong Khiau (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast your guide and private car will pick you up from you hotel and you will drive approximately 3hours to Nong Khiau. After checking in to your hotel you will enjoy lunch at Nong Khiaw Riverside. After lunch visit the historical cave of Phathok. The Nong Khiaw villagers used this cave as a war shelter during the “Secret War”, to shelter people from bombs dropped in the region. It is about a 30 minute gentle walk from Nong Khiaw town and takes you through beautiful scenery. Learn more about a secret part of the Lao history and explore the historical caves with your guide. From the cave you will have a beautiful view of rice paddies and the valley. Walk back to Nong Khiaw along a small path through the rice paddies or other choice, You can hiking up about 1hour & half to Nong Khiau View Point. You can see the whole view of the town and its beautiful nature and nice landscape. Overnight in Nong Khiau.

Day 4

Nong Khiau-Muang Ngoy-Muang Khua (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, Meet your guide and  We begin a boat trip up along Ou River about 5hour to Muang Khua via Muang Ngoy. En route, short stop and Walking around the small town to see local lives and its beautiful landscape, relax, take nice photos in Muang Ngoy. Other, Stop at Sopcheang Village, where Lao Loum, Lao Terng and Kamu live there. Along the way, you can see stunning view of the landscape and its beautiful nature. Arrive Chinese Ou Dam No. 3, Take a local truck to over part of the front dam about 10minutes and Continue by another boat along Ou river to Muang Khua. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel. Overnight in Muang Khua.

Day 5

Muang Khua-Phongsaly (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, Meet your guide and Continue to Phongsaly about 7hour drive via junction Pak Namnoi You can stop along the route to see local hill tribes included some Akha, or Ikor. Arrive in Phongsaly, We drive up Phou Phieng Fa to see the whole view of the town and its beautiful landscape. Overnight in Phongsaly.

Day 6

Explore 400 years old tea plantation and visit Village of Phounoy and Akha Oma tribes, and its wonderful surroundings in the area (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) Phongsaly-B Namleng- B Kordeng-400 years old tea tres Village, back to Phongsaly Today around 0830-0900am, Meet your guide and Take private tuk-tuk to the point where you hiking starts trek to Namleng Village ( Village of Akha Oma ). On the way we walk pass tea plantation and experience wonderful landscape , Then we descend to Akha Oma Village. Explore Village and its people learn to know their stories briefly. Continue trekking through tea plantations and forests to kordeng Village ( Village of phounoy ) , Lunch time at Ban Kordeng . After that we continue our trekking to famous tea village , the 400 years old tea trees of Ban Kormaen explore tea plantations, We take good chance to drink fresh boiled tea with families , buy tea for souvenir . Then hiking back to Ban Chaphou , after that we take our private car back to Phonsaly. Approximately : 5-6 hours trekking. 

Day 7

Explore Villages of Phounoi, Akha Pixor , Akha Oma and wilderness in its area (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) Its itinerary Phongsaly-Ban Sala Arbe –Jungles trek –Ban Naboun-Ban Bounphieng-Ban Somxay-Bounneua Today around 0830-0900am, Meet your guide and drive from Phonsaly to Ban Sala Arbe, Village of Akha Oma , On the way we drive pass phouthaland , The provincial protected area , then we reach Ban Sala Arbe , Explore Village, then we arrange our belongings for trekking , We start trekking throughout Phouthalang, Provincial protected area. Its amazing jungle in the area make this mount look wonderful lunch time on the way. Trekking lets us go up and down along mountains Valleys , we descend to Ban Bounphieng and Ban Namboun , Tribal Village of Akhs Pixor and Phounoi , Explore Village , Then we continue walking to Ban Somxay . Hiking pass rice fields and crop fields . Reach Ban Somxay , Then we drive out private car from Ban Somxay to Bounneua. Overnight in Bounneua. 4-5 Hours trekking , Moderate level.

Day 8

Phongsaly- Nam Kat Yorlapa (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, Meet your guide and Visit local market to see local lives. After that return to Pak Namnoi and Continue Udomai about 7hour drive. Arrive in Udomxai, Continue to Nam Kat Yorlapa Resort. Overnight at Namkat Yorlapa Resort. After that You can explore in that area by bicycle.

Day 9

Nam Kat Yorlapa-Soft Trekking-Luang Namtha (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, We start trekking towards Namkat Waterfall. When reaching the entrance, we will trek pass the jungle and walk over 13 flying bridges about 6 km. Take your time at the waterfall, trekking to the entrance and driving back to the resort and Continue to Luang Namtha. Arrive in Luang Namtha, Check in at your lodge. Overnight in Luang Namtha

Day 10

Luang Namtha – Nam Ha NPA – Khmu-Lanten – Luang Namtha(Meals- Breakfast, Lunch) This trek is ideal for the people want to experience a typical tropical forest and visit some unique villages. You will feel the unique and fresh atmosphere of a real jungle from the NamHa Jungle (the ASEAN Natural Heritage Site). You will see how local people look for their meal: wild mushrooms, baby bananas, herbs and other species. Also, you will hear different kinds of wild life songs and see some birds having their meal in the trees. As for lunch, you will have different taste of local foods on banana leaves, just the way ethnic people do in the jungle. We depart from Luang Namtha at 8:30am and drive for 30 minutes southwards to Ban NamHa or KhuaSoung (Khmu village) which is the starting point of our trek. We will start the trek by walking on a “dancing” bamboo bridge and through Khmu farmland and we will go uphill for a while before the terrain gets more flat. Only during the rainy season that it may be bit slippery from time to time. We will cross a few small and beautiful streams. The dense canopy is shading us and keeps the temperatures comfortably cool and the hike enjoyable. In the forest there are different vines running from the top of the big trees to the ground and you will see some edible herbs and spices. In the jungle there will be some case study activities of the ways of local people, such as making wild life traps, bamboo arrow shooting and collecting forest plants and baby rattans for the picnic lunch. After lunch we continue the trek through the forest for a while, then head to the village, if you are not too tired, on the way back to town and the hotel, we may stop in some villages such as a Lanten village which is known for its paper made of bamboo pulp and Ban Nam Ngan village famous for Blacktai cotton, silk and alcohol. After that return to your hotel. Approximately: 1 hour transfer & 6hours trekking

Day 11

Luang Namtha-Muang Sing (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) Around 0830am-0900am, Meet your guide and continue our trip about 2hour & half to Muang Sing, northern of Luang Namtha. En route, you can stop and visit some Hmong, Akha, Ikor and Lantane Ethnic groups. We need to ask permission first before we take those hill tribes photos. Arrive in Muang Sing, check in at your lodge. After that enjoy exploring the small town to see local lives. Included visit local market, Muang Sing Museum, Visit Tai Dam, Tai Nuea, Hmong, Akha, Yao, Tai Lue… Participate in the production of weaving, Lao Rice whiskey and Noodle soup. Great views temples and That Xieng Tung Stupa. Overnight in Muang Sing.

Day 12

Muang Sing-Tuk Tuk tour-Nam Deat Mai(Meals-Breakfast, Lunch, Diner) Explore, minorities around Mung Sing such as : Akha, Hmong, Yao, Tai lue , Tai dam , Lolo , short walk from village to villages , sightseeing, overnight at lodge, Akha tradition and culture show. Departure from your lodge by Tuk Tuk to visit minorities around Muang sing , as Tai Nue ( Making rice noodle and Lao Lao whisky ) Hmong , Lolo ( speaking Chinese language ), Taidam & Taileu ( weaving ) , picnic lunch will provide on the way , after that walk to Ban Yao ( making handicrafts ) and go to   Akha village (Ban Nam Deat Mai), where we stay overnight for today. While waiting for dinner visit the villages walk around and meet the people, learn about traditional and architecture. After dinner you will receive massage which is traditionally given to the guests and some show from young girls. talking with exchange experience staying overnight in the village. Approx. 6-7 hours included 3hour & half hiking, another transfer and visit villages. Accommodation: Akha Home stay at Nam Deat Mai Village

Day 13

Nam Deat Mai-Muang Sing Town(Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) In the early morning you will see Akha daily life as feeding the pigs, get water, cooking…After breakfast at the lodge, walk to visit Yao villages the home of beautiful handicraft, continue visit different of Akha and Tai Lue, the tour will finish Tuk Tuk back to Muang Sing town. . Approx. 6-7hours included transfer, 3hour hiking and visit villages. Accommodation: 2* Phou Iu Bungalow/Standard Bungalow.

Day 14

Muang Sing-Luang Namtha-Houayxai(Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) After breakfast, Meet your guide and Visit local hill tribe market to see local lives.  After that return to Luang Namtha and continue to Houayxai about 7hour drive. You can stop along the way, Just consult with your guide. Arrive in Houayxai, check in at your hotel. You can walk along River blank during the sunset.

Day 15

HOUAY XAI – PAK BENG (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) (Joint-Group) Cruise down operated every  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Around 0830am, Meet your guide and transfer to  SHOMPOO CRUISE ‘s pier . Then, you will embark for the first time on one of our luxury boats for the Mekong downstream cruise. On the way, the boat will take its first stop in Pak Tha, to have necessary boat documents signed. The second stop will be to visit a Hill tribe village along the Mekong River. Our guide will explain the way of living and the origins of these rural populations. Lunch is served on board, and during the afternoon, you will be free to relax and taste local flavors with seasonal snacks and drinks. The boat will arrive in Pakbeng before sunset, where you will retreat to your accommodation for the night. Accommodation: Hotel in Pak Beng.

Day 16

PAK BENG – LUANG PRABANG (Meals-Breakfast, Lunch) At 08:00 AM, the boat leaves Pakbeng. Use your free time in the morning for asking some questions about Luang Prabang and Laos to our guide. Lunch is served on board. In the afternoon, we will make two stop. First, we will visit the famous Pak Ou Caves (Tham Ting) and its thousands of Buddha images. The second stop will be at the Lao Lao village, commonly known as the Whisky Village. In there, the guide will provide information about the locally made rice whisky, and you will have the chance to taste it if you wish. You will also have time to enjoy the charm of this small and authentic village, its temple and local artisans. You will be served a typical snack and drink on board in the afternoon. We will arrive in Luang Prabang around 04:30pm, Mete your driver and transfer to your hotel.  Overnight in Luang Prabang.

Day 17

Luang Prabang-Depart (Meal-Breakfast) Today, You are free and Explore around the charming town at your leisurely until your flight time to Transfer you to airport for your return flight to Bangkok. Wish you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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